Alfarid Corporation is the prominent exporter, miller and supplier of finest basmati rice originating in punjab. Basmati is one of the oldest cultivated crops and a staple food specially in the Middle East, Southern and Eastern Asia.


Basmati Rice

From the foothills of Himalayas and fed by the enriched mineral snow-fed water, the slender long grain of basmati rice ha exotic aroma, delicious nutty flavor and nutritious value that makes it the ultimate choice of rice lovers’ across all continents. The grains elongate to double its size upon cooking. The name basmati originated from a Sanskrit word “BAS” meaning smell and ‘Mati’ meaning ‘Queen’.


Common Names: Basmati is aka basumathi, basmathi, basmatti while rice is aka riz and arroz.


From Field to Plate

We manage a strong network of supply chain from origin, belt of Punjab known for quality basmati grains. The acquired product undergoes vigilant quality control checks prior to reaching our warehouse and milling facility. We select and match the grains with the specific originating land specifics. We have modern and sophisticated rice mill as per European standards, having capacity to mill rice in significant quantities and process order fast. Our rice factory has the intended fabrication including grading, color sorting, de-stoning, polishing (silky polish, double, single or regular polish), length grader for maintaining grain length and uniformity.


The primary determinants of quality are average grain length, aroma, moisture and broken percentage while cooking verifies the quality. After undergoing milling, processing and polishing, rice packed as per clients requirements in our registered brands or private label. You may view our brands


Rice Varieties

  • 1121 Double Steam Extra Long Grain Basmati White Rice
  • Super Kernel Elite Basmati Rice
  • Super Kernel Basmati Rice
  • Super Basmati Rice
  • 385 Basmati Rice
  • D98 Basmati Rice
  • Blended Basmati Rice
  • 386 Lal Rice
  • 1121 Parboiled (Sella) Extra Long Grain Rice
  • Parboiled Super Kernel Basmati Rice
  • Parboiled Super Basmati Rice
  • Parboiled Blended Basmati Rice
  • Parboiled Long Grain Rice
  • IRRI 9 Long Grain White Rice
  • IRRI 6 Long Grain White Rice
  • Broken White Rice
  • Brown Rice


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