Rhubarb Roots

Alfarid Corporation is a known name in supplying premium quality wild grown rhubarb roots or rheum emodi. Some common names are Rewandchini or Revand Chini. Rhubarb herb has several uses while rhubarb root extract is useful for its functions and properties such as purgative, alterative, hemostatic, antipyretic, anthelmintic, stomachic, bitter tonic, cathartic, laxative, atonic indigestion, Constipation (with fevers, ulcers, infections), diarrhea, Pitta dysentery, jaundice, liver disorders.

Rhubarb Root Rheum Rhabarbarum has a purgative action for use in the treatment of constipation, but also has an astringent effect following this. It therefore has a truly cleansing action upon the gut, removing debris and then astringing with antiseptic properties as well.