Peony Roots

Peony is a perennial shrub-like plant that grows upto 2-4 feet high. Botanical name of peony is Paeonia Officinal is L. Paeoniaceae. Peony herb is characterized by large, straight and firm wild roots having a strong and disagreeable odor. Peony roots/bark when peeled reveals a powdery substance. The name of Peony originated in the medical history from the name of the physician of Greek gods named Paeonia.


Significance and Uses:
Paeonia is considered a dynamic remedy for a variety of female reproductive ailments such as excessive bleeding during menstruation, dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps and irregular menses. Peony root is also considered effective in treating hemorrhoids, rheumatism, skin discoloration and allergies and respiratory ailments such as asthma. Peony root extract is also helpful and used for various other conditions such as chronic weaknesses, body fatigue, migraine, other allergies and cough