Hermal Seeds

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Botanical Name: Peganum Harmala
Hermal is a bushy herb with leaves divided into numerous narrow segments. It has white solitary flowers, capsular, spherical fruits and brownish seeds in various shapes. The dried seeds of the plant constitute the drug.


Significance and Uses:
The herb is useful in treating the following conditions:
Fevers: Hermal is beneficial in the treatment of remittent and intermittent fevers. It is useful in chronic malaria but is not so effective in acute cases. The seeds are given either as an infusion, decoction or in powder form.
Asthma: The drug is useful in asthma. The powder of the seeds given in the prescribed doses provides relief.
Tapeworm: Hermal seeds are effective in treating tapeworm infestation. The powder of its seeds should be given for expelling worms.
Menstrual Disorders: The herb hermal is useful in regulating the menstrual periods. It is especially beneficial in painful and difficult menstruation.
Breast Milk Secretion: Hermal seed stimulates the secretion of breast milk or increases milk flow in nursing mothers.
Laryngitis: The drug is beneficial in the treatment of laryngitis, that is, inflammation of the larynx. A decoction of the seeds is used as a mouthwash.
Head Lice: Hermal is useful in removing head lice. A paste of the roots made with mustard oil may be applied externally.
Folk Medicinal Uses: Hermal plant is incompletely burnt and smoke is spread in the room. Smoke has insecticidal properties and kills the insects.
The herb as such has narcotic properties and can be used to induce deep sleep in cases of insomnia.