Gums and Resins

Particular trees and plants secrete various gums and resins. These crude drugs are used in producing extract and in industries such as pharma, cosmetic, flavor and fragrance.

Alfarid has built a reputation of consistency without compromising quality to supply these items. Our clients rely on our consistent, stable supply to facilitate their production requirements. Respecting our clients’ need of only superb products, we have an extent of widespread origins from where gums resins are procured coming from only natural grown resources. Freshly reaching our warehouses, these resins undergo a vigilant selection process in which every single element is carefully divided into groups and grades. Once accomplished obtaining the best pieces in hand, these are packed and stored in well fumigated areas from where the shipment process initiates. The several gums we offer are:


  • Gum Myrrh Pure Ogadain
  • Gum Myrrh Pea Size
  • Gum Myrrh Sift
  • Gum Myrrh Pure Powder
  • Black Gum Myrrh
  • Black Myrrh Powder
  • Gum Olibanum Premium Pea Size
  • Gum Olibanum Random Tears
  • Gum Olibanum Sifting with Powder
  • Gum Olibanum Pure Powder
  • Black Gum Olibanum
  • Black Olibanum Powder
  • Gum Guggal Pure Nagar Grade
  • Gum Guggal Thar Grade
  • Gum Guggal Blended Grade
  • Gum Dragon Blood Pure Resin
  • Gum Dragon Blood Lumps Grade B
  • Gum Dragon Blood Pure Powder
  • Gum Aloes
  • Gum Arabic Mix Grade
  • Black Gum Arabic
  • Gum Opoponax

You can see the pictures and details of gums and tree resins under the Gallery section.

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