Licorice Root Machine Cut Grade

Licorice roots aka Regaliz or réglisse, are one by one selected and cut by machine having consistent edges. This is one of the most premium grades of licorice root. The length varies between 2.5 to 3.5 inches. The main constituents are Glycyrrhizin, sugar, starch, gum, protein, fat, glabredin, resin, asparagines, tannin and volatile oil.

Licorice Root Elite Hand Selected Grade

Licorice is the wild grown, one of the most miraculous herb. These roots are one by one hand selected. Its tips are yellow and the length measures 2.5 inches to 3.5 inches. Major use is in confectionery and pharmaceutical industry.

Licorice Root Semi Selected Grade

This is the third tier of licorice roots. The sticks are relatively thinner in diameter whereas the length is standard. It is used in industries such as naturopathy and ayurveda.

Licorice Roots Regular Grade

Natural licorice aka Liquorice roots are cleaned and foreign matter is removed. This is relatively a lower priced product. This herb has several health benefits such as helps in calming oral inflammation and it is a natural anti-inflammatory, a remedy for arthritis.

Unpeeled Licorice Long Sticks

These are unpeeled licorice sticks measuring 7 inches and above in length. The tips are yellow and the barks are intact. Few of its common names are lékořice, mulethi, jethimad, lakrids, Lagrits, lakritsi, Süßholz, édesgyökér, liquirizia, lakrica, lakris, lukrecja, alcaçuz, sladkého drievka, meyankökü, cam thảo, zoethout, édesgyökér, lakkrís, akar manis, Licorais, saldymedis, akar manis, lemn dulce, sladkega.

Licorice Bales

As its botanical name ‘Glycyrrhiza glabra L.’ suggests licorice bales are demanded in bulk for its AG glycyrrhizin acid and glabredin content. The roots are pressed into bales. This lot is mostly preferred by extract manufacturers and is a very competitively priced product.

Licorice Cut Sift

As a recognized licorice supplier, we produce this grade by processing the roots in the cut sift format. It is sifted at 7 millimeter sieve according to the EU standard. This herbs health benefit includes providing relief from skin conditions such as eczema, rashes.

Licorice Coarse Cut

This one is a coarse cut of licorice that is sifted at 12 millimeter and above sieve according to the EU standard. It is used in producing licorice extract and has its uses in the food industry as natural sweetener.

Licorice Tea Bag Cut (TBC)

Licorice is processed to produce this tea bag fine cut. As the name suggests, it is used in making regular and flavored teas. Its main use is in food and flavor Industry i.e. tea bags.

Licorice Powder Fine Mesh

The roots are ground to produce fine mesh powder. As per EU standard sieve, we produce from 60 mesh to 240 mesh powder. The picture shows 100 mesh grade. It relieves sore throat and strengthens immune system.

Licorice Crushed

Roots and cleaned and then crushed (milled) to produced flakes format as shown in the picture. This one is a popular grade in Egypt locally known as `Arq al-Soos.

Licorice Slices

The long sticks are selected and then sliced through the slicing machine. This one is a popular grade in Far East region. It primary use is extract, flavor and medicinal. This herb provides relief to those suffering with asthma.

Peeled Licorice

The sticks are peeled to remove the barks. This one is a specialized format used in producing functional ingredients. Its major use in is food industry for its high AG content.