The Canadian Team prepares over 200+ meals for the homeless of Toronto. This is done twice a year. Usually in December and January which are the coldest months in Toronto.


Second initiative is donating sums to ‘Plan Canada’, ‘Canadian Food Bank’ and ‘Canadian Blood Bank’.


The third initiative is carbon emissions elimination responsibility. On every shipment, we calculate the dimensional weight and based of this calculation the total emissions our goods produce in transit. We then purchase seedlings from “Tree Canada” that are planted in 5 different forests in Canada nationwide.


We have also begun our 1% charity drive, whereby 1% of all profits will be donated to a campaign against hunger in Canada.


The initiatives from Pakistan office include rice donation to the special children school, as they prepare lunch for the autistic children every day.


There are adopted schools in the interior regions of the province Sindh where we distribute curriculum books and chairs and desks to schools as they lack infrastructure. Each year we select 2 schools for this initiative.


We choose a few unemployed people and give them the opportunity to work in our subsidiary company’s workshop and learn carpentry for a period of 3 months under seasoned craftsman. Once after their apprenticeship has completed, they are ready to find a reasonable job in this field and can earn a livelihood.


We are also planning to achieve collectively at farmer level in Punjab province, a sustainable plan for poor farmers who are engaged especially in rice cultivation. This will serve the current and future generation by means of fair trade.