Alfarid Corporation is a known Rice Brands exporter in Pakistan having registered brands as trademark and copyright with the Government of Pakistan. Alfa is the licensed parent brand of Alfarid Corporation having an array of product lines such as rice, herbs, spices & seeds and dry fruits. Alfa brands are known and trusted for their quality and nutritive value worldwide. Its innovative range of products help your business grow and prosper because at Alfarid Corporation, we don't just make great products, we make success stories.

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Sub Brands | Rice Packing

What is ZOQ?
We came into being before any TV channel or magazine, only if you were thinking! We thought, we should clear this off first. ZOQ is a Premium Punjab Super Kernel Basmati Rice Brand. ZOQ's grains are carefully selected, aged for atleast 16 months and above, put through sophisticated milling before packing or shelving. The Aroma and Pure Basmati flavor scents the kitchen, enjoy ZOQ!.

MEGA brand as the name signifies is the flabbergasting, exceptional & one of a kind second tier of Super Kernel Basmati rice. It will purely flounce you off your feet! Mega is the name for a far-fetched variety of extra long grain aromatic basmati which formulates AFC to niche a strong stand in the ever growing marketplace.

Aa'La in the local term means 'top or elite'. Brand Aa'La does reflect the quality that is superior and incomparable. This Super basmati variety has long grains, basmati aroma and flavor and each rice grain is separate upon cooking. The wonderful peculiar basmati aroma travels down around the neighborhood. Wish for Aa'La!.

ALFARID Superior Basmati Rice is the flagship brand of Alfarid Corporation known for its flavor and economy. The variety of super basmati rice is a fast selling product in the supermarkets and hyper markets, retail chains and stores. We do customize packing of Brand Alfarid in cotton, non-woven, china fabric and poly pouch in several variants.

Alfarid Gold is the parboiled rice that has made its mark as golden rice for the unique taste it possesses. This is the Super Kernel Sella rice mostly favored for its extra long grain length in USA, Canada and Middle East markets specially for high class cuisines and purchased in bulk by catering companies.

9 Star means that Alfarid Corporation’s sub brands have made AFC touch stars by producing flavors for everyone to enjoy. Brand 9 Star is the IRRI-9 Long Grain White rice variety having consistent specs for taste and flavor.

Private Label Rice Brand

Alfarid Corporation can prepare private label rice brand for its clients. Moreover, our Creative Unit can design the brand logo and bag design/artwork for clients free of charge upon placement of order.