Alkanet Roots (Ratanjot)

Alfarid Corporation specializes in the supply of dried herb Alkanet roots also commonly known as ratanjot, alkanet root, alkanna. Alkanet is the selected premium grade sorted for thin and thick alkanet roots. Botanical name of alkanet is Alkanna Tinctoria or Anchousa Tinctoria which is derived from the Greek word Anchousa meaning paint. Local names for alkanet are Ratanjot, Bugloss, Dyer’s Bugloss Root, Orchanet Root, Spanish Bugloss Root, Batschia Canescens, Hoary Puccoon and Lithospermum Canescens.

Alkanet Uses: Alkanet Root is mainly used in dyeing and a dye ingredient. Alkanet has its application making lipsticks, lip balm, ointments, soap, tinctures, stones, fibers and fine polish wood such as violins. Alkanet is used as a combination with other herb extracts to treat cough and throat ache, infection, jaundice, cough and throat troubles. Alkanet is also believed to have miraculous powers to remove evil or negative energies in the environment.