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Cumin Seed Jeera

Alfarid Corporation is the top ranked seed supplier, specializing in the supply of finest quality and pure cummin seeds, also termed as Jeera in the list of Indian herbs and spices and Zeera as Urdu term for asian food spices.
Botanical Name: Cuminum cyminum L.
Cumin seeds or Zeera is an annual herb, with a smooth surface and long, slender root. The plant has aromatic seed-like fruit, commonly known as cumin seed. It is oval-shaped, approximately 6 mm long and light yellowish-brown in color. It has a peculiar, strong and heavy odour.

The common types of herb seeds in the spice world are black cumin seed and white cumin seed used as spices and seasonings. Seed catalogues can be viewed under our Spices and condiments section, displaying cumin seeds picture. You can also buy cumin seeds in the form of cumin seed powder or jeera powder. Jeera is used as a seasoning and food spices in breads, cheese and curries. Cummin seeds is used in pharmaceuticals as a stimulant, astringent and carminative ingredient. Cumin seed tops asian spices for its aroma and taste while cumin seed oil is also used in perfumery and for flavoring liqueurs and cordials.
Other uses of Cummins include its benefits in the treatment of piles, relieving insomnia, useful in renal colic and common cold and fevers. Its use increases the secretion of breast milk and is also valuable in amnesia or dullness of memory. View Image of Cumin Seed Jeera


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