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Amazing Herb Liquorice or Licorice

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice Suppliers

Rice Packing

Alfarid Corporation Limited is the top ranked Basmati Rice Suppliers, Exporters and Miller in Pakistan specializing in Basmati rice varieties from the Punjab belt of Himalayan valleys that are fed by the snow melt waters having peculiar basmati aroma. Alfarid exports 1121 Extra Long Grain Basmati Rice, Super Kernel Basmati Rice aged to perfection, Super Basmati Rice, PK 385 Basmati Rice and Basmati Short Grain Rice and our special blends and recipes. Other varieties include Parboiled or Sella rice. Alfarid Corporation Limited offers its basmati rice brands. Read more on Basmati Rice Suppliers

Organic Licorice

Liquorice Roots Exporter

Alfarid Corporation is the largest Licorice Roots Exporter in the region specializing in selection, clean, cut and sift of Liquorice root or Glycyrrhiza glabra. The grades include Super Selected, Regular Clean, Machine Cut. Cuts and types are long sticks, short sticks, licorice TBC Fine (Tea Bag Cut), square cut under 7mm, coarse cut, cube cut & various cuts such as 0.3mm to 1.2mm, slice, fine mesh powder and crushed tea grade. Licorice roots are used in extract making, flavor, confectionery, candy, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and tea manufacturing industries. Read more on Licorice Roots Exporter


Guggul Exporter

Alfarid Corporation is the top ranked Guggal Exporter from Pakistan. Guggal resin originating from Thar and Nagar districts and have high percentage of guggalsterones. Guggal is also known as commiphora mukul, commiphora wightii, guggulu, guggul and gugul. The major uses are in ayurvedic medicine, herbal extracts, incense for pooja, flavour, adhesive and as pharmaceutical ingredients. Read more on Guggal Exporter

Red Coral Stone

Red Coral Stone

Alfarid Corporation specializes in supplying the finest quality Red Coral Stone also termed as Organ Pipe Coral also named Nashif, Busad and Bekh Marjan. This deep red color coral stones are very hard in nature, characterized by long, parallel upright polyps supported by a skeleton of rigid organ pipe-like tubes of calcium carbonate. Red Coral stone is used in pharmaceutical preparations and in making jewelry items such as pendants, necklace, rings, cufflinks, buttons and marble slabs. Read more on Red Coral Stone



Alfarid Corporation is the supplier of incense resin Gum Olibanum (boswellia carterri) also called Frankincense. Main uses are incense burning in Orthodox Diocese, making extract and essential oils, perfume and in dyes formulation. Olibanum is also known as Loban, Oliban, Kadidlo, encens religiouse, encens en grain, natural insence and perfume insence. Read more on Olibanum


Gum Myrrh

Alfarid Corporation is the supplier of Gum Myrrh, brownish to golden natural incense resin collected from Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia. Botanical name is Commiphora myrrha while other names are Gold Frankincense, mur, mir, mire, murr, myrhh, myrh, myrha, myrra, encens religieux, encens myrrhe. Myrrh is used as burning incense and in cosmetic application, Pharma, fragrance industry, essential oils, extract and stabilizer. Read more on Gum Myrrh

Dried Red Chili

Dried Red Chilli Dundicut

Alfarid Corporation is the prominent supplier of dried red chilli dundicut whole round stemless peppers very hot, spicy, bright red in color and are used in many countries for taste, color and aroma. Pakistani Red chili hot peppers are used as seasonings particularly in traditional spicy Thai, Pakistani and Indian cuisines. red chili peppers are very hot. Read more on Dried Red Chilli Dundicut

Red Chilli Powder

Red Chili Powder

Alfarid Corporation is the supplier of red chili powder from Pakistan. Red chilli powder is liked across continents for its hot flavor and red color that is used as seasoning in curries and spicy Indian and Pakistani cuisines. Chili peppers are high in vitamin C content and therefore red chillies powder is preferred for its various culinary uses. Read more on Hot Chili Powder

Cummin Seed Jeera Zeera

Cumin Seed

Alfarid Corporation is known supplier of cumin seed, also termed as Jeera or zeera. Black cumin seed and white cumin seed are used as spices and seasoning. Cumin seed tops Asian spices for its aroma and taste while cumin seed oil is also used in perfumery and for flavoring liquor. Read more on Cumin Seed

Fenugreek Methi

Fenugreek Cracked

Alfarid Corporation specializes in supplying fenugreek seeds with 99% purity, fenugreek cracked seeds for extraction and fenugreek powder fine mesh grade. Fenugreek benefits include its usage as dried herbs, spices and seasonings and spice powder, fenugreek tea and are also used as a carminative tonic, increases lactation, helpful in lowering blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Read more on Fenugreek Cracked

Cummin Seed Jeera Zeera

Guar Gum Powder

Alfarid Corporation is the supplier of Guar Gum (Galactomannan) also called Guaran. Main uses are in food processing industry as a thickening agent, stabilizing agent, suspending agent, binding agent, and prevent crystallization of frozen food. Guar gum is used to get a smooth and creamier texture in ice creams. It can avoid formation of ice crystals and quick melt down in dairy products. Read more at Guar Gum.

Fenugreek Methi

Licorice Extract

Alfarid Corporation is recognized for supplying pure Grade A Licorice Extract in 3 different formats i.e. Solid Blocks or Lumps, Liquid and Extract Powder. Licorice Extract is best known for its use as a confectionery seasoning, potentially offers several medicinal benefits. It is also used extensively in both Eastern and Western medicine & cosmetic industries for pastes, gels and creams.

Alfarid Corporation specializes as Basmati Rice Suppliers, Licorice Roots Exporter and Guggal Exporter.
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